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Jessica Chastain attends the 2017 AFI Fest

Jessica Chastain attends the 2017 AFI Fest

On Thursday night (16), Jessica Chastain attended the screening of her movie Molly’s Game during the closing night of the 2017 AFI Fest presented by Audi at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The two-time Oscar-nominated actress was wearing an Elie Saab dress and was joined by the film’s writer-director, Aaron Sorkin.

Molly’s Game was a last-minute replacement for the festival’s closing night film after Kevin Spacey‘s All the Money in the World was pulled from the schedule amid his sexual harassment and assault scandal. The film is now being re-shot to replace Spacey with Christopher Plummer.

You can see Molly’s Game in theaters on December 25!

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The Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable

Jessica Chastain is featured The Hollywood Reporter‘s Actress Roundtable (November 15, 2017) issue. Check out the photos and interview below!

Six top actresses — including Mary J. Blige, Jessica Chastain, Allison Janney and Saoirse Ronan — open up about risky roles and how the industry’s culture of abuse might finally be on the verge of change: “I feel hopeful because we’re not ignoring it anymore.”

Read the full interview in our press archive

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New Jessica’s interview to ‘The Daily Beast’

New Jessica’s interview to ‘The Daily Beast’

A new interview with Jessica to The Daily Beast has been has published. In the interview, made by phone during last weekend, she speaks about Molly’s Game and about the current wave of sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood.

About Molly’s Games & Aaron Sorkin:

“When he sent me the script, I was so blown away. He’s someone who could have told any story he wanted. Let’s be honest: he’s a successful white man in our industry who anyone would have listened to. And he chose to tell the story of this woman, and her trying to find some sense of success in a patriarchal society,” she says. “Success in her household, where her father made all the rules and was the moral authority. Success in an industry where rich, powerful men made all the rules, and changed them depending on their whims. And finally, success in a governmental system where they also changed the rules, by saying, ‘Hey, we’ll give you your money back—just give us the gossip.’ The idea of this woman trying to navigate that and find power, it is so profound.”

On the sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood:

“I feel hopeful. I feel happy,” Chastain says by phone this past Sunday when asked about her state of mind regarding the stories of Hollywood harassment and assault that have recently dominated the headlines. “I know it’s devastating, it’s terrible, it’s heartbreaking. These stories that are coming out are just so sad. But what makes me hopeful is that people are taking responsibility for their silence, their inaction. In no way should we, as a society, look at the victims and show any sense of blame. But anyone involved in an industry where there is abuse like this, you are part of the problem. And your inaction makes you complicit. So what’s happening now is… I think everyone is starting to look at where they fit in this industry.”

You can read the full interview on our Press Archive.  –  Molly’s Game opens limited in December 25.

Molly’s Game Press Conference in Santa Monica

On Novemver 07, Jessica was in Santa Monica for the press conference of her upcoming film “Molly’s Games“. If more information arise on the press conference we will update this post.

Check the pictures:

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Jessica Chastain attends Deadline’s Contenders panel in LA

On November 04, Jessica attented the Deadline’s The Contenders panel in Los Angeles with her co-star Idris Elba and director Alan Sorkin.

Deadline has published a Jessica’s remark on Molly’s Bloom being ‘A Kardashian story’.

When Chastain first Googled Bloom she judged her based on her appearance. “I was judging her for her clothes, for her makeup,” she said. “But in many cases, women have to present themselves in that way, to find success in an industry where men are making the rules.”

Chastain actually placed photographs of the Kardashians in her trailer she said, to further immerse herself in “this idea that to find success, to have it be given to you, you have to present this image of who you are.” But in meeting and getting to know Bloom, Chastain said, “I learned she was the opposite of that stereotype.”

Aaron Sorkin adapted the screenplay from Bloom’s book and makes his directorial debut with the film. He also admitted to judging Bloom before getting to know her. “I went to the meeting with Molly without very high expectations,” he said, but he soon realized he had been mistaken. “This was a remarkably impressive woman, and there was a huge difference between the story she was telling in the book and the real story.”

As Chastain put it, the story expertly addresses a very current conversation: the inequality and patriarchy in our society. “What I love so much about this story is the relationship with the father (Kevin Costner),” she said, “because it really does set up this pattern of patriarchy in Molly’s life, in the family, in industry and in the government. In all situations, she is trying to follow the rules laid out by men who change their mind depending on what their whims are. I think only an incredible writer is able to touch that pulse while we’re all still blind to it.”

Idris Elba added that playing Bloom’s lawyer Charlie Jaffey was both a challenge and a reward. “I was thrilled to bits, first of all because it’s Aaron,” he said. “The added bonus was to watch Aaron and to share that moment with him.” He also described working with Chastain as “a dream come true,” despite an intense schedule. “We had 12 days to shoot what Aaron described as ‘the spine of the film,’ no pressure,” Elba joked. “It was theater on speed-dial, it was fantastic.”

For Sorkin, directing proved enjoyable enough that while he won’t be doing it exclusively going forward, he promises to revisit the experience. “I love working with great directors and I’m not done wanting to do that,” he said. “I had such a fantastic experience on this. Every day was wonderful, and I’m very proud of how the movie came out so I think I will do it again.”


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